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Custom Industrial HDMI Signal Slip Ring Hole 12.7mm OD 86mm

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  • Certification:

    CE, ISO9001

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  • Product Details

Product Name:

Industrial Bus Slip Ring

Voltage Rating:

0~440 VDC/VAC

Circuits No.:

2~96circuits (depends On Model)

Working Temp.:

-40℃ ~ 80°C

Housing Material:

AL Alloy

Mechanical Vibration:


  • Product Description

Industrial Bus Slip Ring Hole Size 12.7mm OD 86mm Max 96 Circuits

Description of BH1286 Signal Slip Ring

The BH1286 series strong and weak electrical signal slip ring is a customized slip ring with a 12.7mm aperture, which can not only transmit 2A/5A/10A/30A currents through 360 degrees rotation, but also customize (stable and accurate) transmission of various signals such as HDMI, HD-SDI, 100M/1000M Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, Profibus bus signal, etc. It can be used in any device that requires 360° rotation and transmission of various control signals.

Features of BH1286 Signal Slip Ring

1. hole size 12.7mm, OD 86mm, max. 96 circuits;

2. Can transmit high-speed data without errors;

3. Stably transmit various signals such as RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, VGA;

4. Stably transmit various bus signals such as Profibus, LonWorks, CanBus, DeviceNet, ControlNet;

5. Mixed transmission of USB, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, fiber, VGA, DVI, coaxial RF (high frequency) signals;

6. Stably transmit Ethernet (10M/100M/1000M BaseT) data.

Technical Specification of BH1286 Signal Slip Ring
circuits no.2~96circuits (depends on model)
voltage rating0~440 VDC/VAC
Housing MaterialAL alloy
Working Life> 80 millions for ref(depends on working conditions)
Electrical Noise<10m&Omega;
dielectric strength800VDC@50Hz
Dielectric Strength1000M&Omega;@600VDC
Working Temp.-40℃ ~ 80°C
mechanical vibrationMIL-STD-810E
Currentsignal (2A),10A/circuit
max. rotating speed250RPM continously, 1000RPM intermittently
torque0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6 wire
Contact Materialprecious metal: gold alloy
contact resistance<20m&Omega;(AWG17#,300mm)
Lead wire Spec.UL Teflon@Awg22,Awg16
lead wire length300mm
IP GradeIP51
Work Humidity10% ~ 85% RH
CE certificateYES
materialRoHS compliant
Part no. description
bh1286 series BH1286 Series Industrial Bus Slip Ring slip ring description
Code List of Signal Type

F - 100M Ethernet (10, 100 BaseT Ethernet) - RJ45 (4circuits)

E - 1000M Ethernet (1000 BaseT Ethernet) - RJ45 (9circuits)

P - Profibus (Profibus - 4-Pin D-Sub) (4circuits)

C - Canbus (Canbus - 4-Pin D-Sub) (4circuits)

D - Device Net - 5 Pin Micro Change (5 circuits)

T - Control Net - 75 &Omega; BNC (4circuits)

V - VGA (9circuits)

U - USB 2.0 (5circuits)

R - RS485 (3circuits)

R1 - RS422(5circuits)

R2 - RS232(10circuits)

B - Servo motor encoder signal(8circuits)

E1 - Industrial Ethernet (9circuits)

bh1286 series BH1286 Series Industrial Bus Slip Ring slip ring Drawing

How do I choose a slip ring?

Proper selection of a slip ring solution requires details about your application’s operating parameters including total circuits, voltage and amps per circuit, operating speed, and mounting type. If you are confident that a custom / modified solution is most likely required or need assistance in your selection, contact us to Get Started.

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