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2A High Speed Pneumatic Rotary Union Hollow Shaft Slip Ring With 1 Passage 12 Circuits

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  • Certification:

    CE, ISO9001

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  • Product Details

Pipe Size:

12mm Pipe, G3/8" Port


1 Passage



Housing Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Max. Operating Pressure:

250RPM Continously, 1000RPM Intermittently

Lead Wire Length:

Standard 250mm(can Be Customized)

  • Product Description

Pneumatic Rotary Union With 1 Passage+12 Circuits 2A Slip Ring

Description of 3001012 Pneumatic Rotary Union

The Senring 3001 pneumatic rotary joint is a single passage electrical integrated slip ring that can rotate 360 degrees to transmit various gas media such as compressed air, steam, and vacuum. It supports multiple gas pipes of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The 3001 series single passage 360-degree rotary air joint can not only transmit gas, but also mix and transmit various currents ranging from 2A to 800A. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, and low torque.

Features of 3001012 Pneumatic Rotary Union

1. Support transmit mixed power and signals,such as USB,HDMI, 1000M ethernet, VGA, DVI, coaxial RF (high frequency),servo motor signal,industrial bus slip rings,etc.;

2. 360° transmit compressed air,steam,vacuum,negative pressure,positive pressure...etc.

3. Max. Pressure(s):10Mpa (vacuum: -1.5kPa, higher Pressure can be customized);

4. Standard version with flange mounting,can be customized with hollow shaft mounting;

5. Support 1 G3/8" port for 10~12mm pipes;

Technical Specification of 3001012 Pneumatic Rotary Union

Passages(Gas)1 passage
Pipe Size12mm pipe, G3/8" Port
Mechanical Data
Working life20millions for ref(depends on working conditions)
Max. Operating Speed250RPM continously, 1000RPM intermittently
Working temp.-30°C~80°C
Work humidity0~85% RH
Contact MateriaPrecious Metal
Housing Materialaluminum alloy
IP GradeIP51
Max. Operating
Positive Pressure 10Mpa, Vacuum -90kPa
Electrical Data
Voltage range0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDC
Insolution resistance<500M&Omega;/300VDC<500M&Omega;/300VDC
Lead wire spec.AWG17# Silver-plated teflon wireAWG22# Silver-plated teflon wire
Lead wire lengthstandard 250mm(can be customized)
Insolution resistance500VAC@50Hz,6s
Electrical noise<0.01&Omega;

Part no. description

Pneumatic Rotary Union


Pneumatic Rotary Union

Standard model list

Model ListPassages(Gas)Power Circuits(10A)Signal Circuits(2A)Length L(mm)
3001012-02S1 passage0232
3001012-02101 passage2032
3001012-03S1 passage0336
3001012-03101 passage3036
3001012-06S1 passage0646
3001012-0210-04S1 passage2446
3001012-0410-02S1 passage4246
3001012-06101 passage6046
3001012-12S1 passage01268
3001012-0210-10S1 passage21068
3001012-0310-09S1 passage3968
3001012-0610-06S1 passage6668
3001012-0810-04S1 passage8468
3001012-1010-02S1 passage10272
3001012-12101 passage12072
3001012-18S1 passage01896
3001012-0210-16S1 passage21696
3001012-0410-14S1 passage41496
3001012-0610-12S1 passage61296
3001012-0810-10S1 passage81096
3001012-1010-08S1 passage10896
3001012-1210-06S1 passage12696
3001012-1410-04S1 passage14496
3001012-1610-02S1 passage16296
3001012-24S1 passage024120
3001012-0410-20S1 passage420120
3001012-0610-18S1 passage618120
3001012-1210-12S1 passage1212120
3001012-1810-06S1 passage186120
3001012-24101 passage240120
3001012-30S1 passage030144
3001012-0610-24S1 passage624144
3001012-1210-18S1 passage1218144
3001012-1810-12S1 passage1812144
3001012-2410-06S1 passage246144
3001012-30101 passage300144
3001012-36S1 passage036168
3001012-0610-30S1 passage630168
3001012-1210-24S1 passage1224168
3001012-36101 passage360168
3001012-42S1 passage042192
3001012-0610-36S1 passage636192
3001012-1210-30S1 passage1230192
3001012-48S1 passage048216
3001012-0610-42S1 passage642216
3001012-1010-38S1 passage1038216
3001012-1210-36S1 passage1236216
3001012-1810-30S1 passage1830216
3001012-2410-24S1 passage2424216
3001012-60S1 passage060264
3001012-0610-54S1 passage654264
3001012-1010-50S1 passage1050264
3001012-72S1 passage072312
3001012-96S1 passage096408

SenRing general slip ring models are applied in many applications and equipments,providing system solutions for worldwide.

It involves wind power,controller and industrial turntable,robot,engineering machinery,CCTV video mornitoring,medical equipment,military radar and so on...

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