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Mechanical Electric Pneumatic Rotary Union & Rotary Joint 1000RPM

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8 Channels

Max. Operating Pressure:

Positive Pressure 1Mpa, Vacuum -90kPa

Pipe Size:

6~8mm Pipe, G1/8" Port



Working Temperature:


Operating Humidity:

0~85% RH

  • Product Description

3008006 Series G1/8 8 Channels Pneumatic & Electric Rotary Union

Channel Size G1/8",Support 6~8mm pipes,Can be Combine To Transfer 6~56 Circuits Electrical Power/Signal

Description of rotary union

SENRING 3008006 series,support G1/8 port for 6~8mm pipes,can transfer various mediums including compressed air,steam,vacuum,negative pressure when 360° rotating, Advantages : compact size, light weight , low torque.

Technical Specification of 3008006 series slip ring

Channels(Gas)8 channels
Pipe Size6~8mm pipe, G1/8" Port
Mechanical Data
Operating life10millions for ref(depends on working conditions)
Max. Operating Speed250RPM continously, 1000RPM intermittently
Working temperature-30°C~80°C
Work humidity0~85% RH
Contact MateriaPrecious Metal
Housing Materialaluminum alloy
IP GradeIP51
Max. Operating
Positive Pressure 1Mpa, Vacuum -90kPa
Electrical Data
Voltage range0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDC
Insulation resistance<500M&Omega;/300VDC<500M&Omega;/300VDC
Lead wire sizeAWG17# Silver-plated teflon wireAWG22# Silver-plated teflon wire
Lead wire lengthstandard 300mm(can be customized)
Insulation resistance500VAC@50Hz,6s
Electrical noise<0.01&Omega;

  • Drawing
  • Pneumatic Rotary Union & Rotary Joint
  • Pneumatic Rotary Union & Rotary Joint
  • Features
  • 1.Support transmit mixed power and signals,such as USB,HDMI, 1000M ethernet, VGA, DVI, coaxial RF (high frequency),servo 2.motor signal,industrial bus slip rings...etc;
  • 3.360° transmit compressed air,steam,vacuum,negative pressure,positive pressure...etc;
  • 4.Max. Pressure(s):1Mpa (vacuum: -1.5kPa, higher Pressure can be customized);
  • 5.Support 8 G1/8" port for 6~8mm pipes;
  • Application:
    1. Automation equipment
    2. Robotics
    3. Medical equipments
    4. Wind turbine generator
  • 5.Variable-speed motor

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