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Engineered Plastic Compact Slip Ring High Current For PTZ System Mini Drones

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Product Name:

Capsule Slip Ring

Housing Material:

Engineered Plastic

Contact Material:

Precious Metal:gold-gold



IP Grade:



0.05N.m+0.01N.m/6 Wire

  • Product Description

Engineered Plastic 8 Circuits Compact Slip Ring Without Flange Gold Gold Contact

Description of M065 Capsule Slip Ring

The Senring M065 series is a recently developed miniature slip ring with an incredibly small outer diameter of 6.5mm (with 4-12 circuits available as options). This slip ring is ideal for use in handheld PTZ systems, mini drones, and other similar applications. It is designed to meet advanced military-level standards, and features gold-gold contacts that ensure low contact resistance, making it highly reliable and durable. This slip ring is suitable for a wide range of high-end applications that require precise and reliable signal transmission in a compact form factor, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance slip ring in a small package.

Features of M065 Capsule Slip Ring

1. The slip ring has an outer diameter of 6.5mm, making it the world's smallest slip ring.

2. It is a patented product of Senring with patent number ZL 2016 2 0695427.2.

3. The torque is very small, less than 0.06N.m.

4. The standard model supports 2-12 signal channels (2A per channel), and custom slip rings can be designed for specific needs.

5. The product is standardized, and there is stock available.

6. Installation is easy with no need for flanges; the two ends can be connected directly with wires.

Technical Specification of M065 Capsule Slip Ring

Mechanical parameters
Working Life10millions for ref(depends on working conditions)
Rotating speed150RPM
Working Temp.-30°C~80°C
Work Humidity0~85% RH
Contact Materialprecious metal:gold-gold
Housing Materialengineered plastic
Torque0.05N.m+0.01N.m/6 wire
IP GradeIP51
Electrical parameters
Voltage Range0~240VAC/VDC0~240VAC/VDC
Insolution Resistance≥300MΩ/300VDC≥300MΩ/300VDC
Lead wire Spec.AWG30# Silver-plated teflonAWG30# Silver-plated teflon
lead wire lengthstandard length 150mm
(can be customized)
Dielectric Strength300VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical Noise< 0.01&Omega;
IP GradeIP51

Part no. description

m065 series M065 Series OD6.5mm 4~12 Wire Miniture Slip Ring(Drone Slip Rings) slip ring description

m065 series M065 Series OD6.5mm 4~12 Wire Miniture Slip Ring(Drone Slip Rings) slip ring Drawing
Standard model list
modelCircuits NO.Max current/circuitLength L(mm)

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