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12 Circuits 2A Plastic Electrical Capsule Rotary Slip Ring For Ethernet

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Capsule Slip Ring


Less Than 0.06N.m

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< 0.01Ω

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12 Circuits 2A 240VDC Capsule Slip Ring Engineering Plastic Electrical Rotary Joint

Description of M220 Capsule Slip Ring

A capsule slip ring is a type of slip ring that is designed with a compact, capsule-shaped structure. It is a type of electrical slip ring that is used to transmit power, signals, and data between stationary and rotating parts in rotating equipment. The capsule slip ring is commonly used in applications where space is limited and a compact design is required. It typically has a low torque, high current capacity, and is resistant to wear and tear. Capsule slip rings are commonly used in robotics, medical equipment, and other applications where reliable transmission of electrical signals is critical.


1. Compact Design: Capsule slip rings have a small and compact design that allows them to be used in applications that have limited space.

2. High Current Capacity: These slip rings are designed to handle high currents and can transmit both power and signals simultaneously.

3. Low Torque: Capsule slip rings have a low torque, which means they can operate smoothly and require less power to rotate.

Features of M220 Capsule Slip Ring

1. The SenRing slip ring of the M220 series has an outer diameter of 22mm and a low torque of less than 0.06N.m.

2. It can transmit signals and power simultaneously.

3. It is available in standard models with 2-36 circuits with each circuit having a current capacity of 2A, 6-12 circuits with each circuit having a current capacity of 5A, 2-4 circuits with each circuit having a current capacity of 10A, and 2-3 circuits with each circuit having a current capacity of 30A.

Technical Specification of M220 Capsule Slip Ring

Mechanicall parameters
Working Life10millions for ref(depends on working conditions)
Rotating speed250RPM
Working Temp.-30°C~80°C
Work Humidity0~85% RH
Contact Materialprecious metal:gold-gold
Housing Materialengineered plastic
Torque0.05N.m+0.01N.m/6 wire
IP GradeIP51
Electrical parameters
Voltage Range0~240VAC/VDC0~240VAC/VDC
Insolution Resistance&ge;200M&Omega;/300VDC&ge;200M&Omega;/300VDC
Lead wire Spec.refer to model listrefer to model list
lead wire lengthstandard length 150mm(can be customized)
Dielectric Strength300VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical Noise< 0.01&Omega;
IP GradeIP51

Part no. description

m220 series M220 Series Medium Capsule Slip Ring slip ring description

m220 series M220 Series Medium Capsule Slip Ring slip ring Drawing
Standard model list
modelCircuits NO.Max current/circuitlead wire spec.Length L(mm)
M220-0662ASilver-plated teflon AWG26#19
M220-12122ASilver-plated teflon AWG26#26
M220-18182ASilver-plated teflon AWG26#33
M220-24242ASilver-plated teflon AWG26#40
M220-36362ASilver-plated teflon AWG26#54.5
M220-060565ASilver-plated teflon AWG22#40
M220-080585ASilver-plated teflon AWG22#40
M220-1205125ASilver-plated teflon AWG22#40
M220-0210210ASilver-plated teflon AWG17#26
M220-0310310ASilver-plated teflon AWG17#33
M220-0410410ASilver-plated teflon AWG17#40
M220-0230230ASilver-plated teflon AWG12#45
M220-0330330ASilver-plated teflon AWG12#45
M220-0205-12S2circuits@5A+12circuits Signal@2A5A&AWG22#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0305-12S3circuits@5A+12circuits Signal@2A5A&AWG22#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0605-06S6circuits@5A+6circuits Signal@2A5A&AWG22#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0210-12S2circuits@10A+12circuits Signal@2A10A&AWG17#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0310-06S3circuits@10A+6circuits Signal@2A10A&AWG17#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0320-04S3circuits@20A+4circuits Signal@2A20A&AWG14#, signal &AWG26#40
M220-0410-04S4circuits@10A+4circuits Signal@2A10A&AWG17#, signal &AWG26#40

Color code of Lead Wire

ring no.123456789101112

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