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  • Rotating Hollow Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring
  • Rotating Hollow Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring

Rotating Hollow Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring 12.7mm Single Channel

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    CE, ISO9001

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Hole Size:


Electrical Noise:

< 0.01Ω

Working Temp:


Work Humidity:

0∼85% RH

Contact Material:



1 Channels 100M/1000M BaseT

  • Product Description

Single Channel Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring Hole 12.7mm Rotating Slip Ring

Description of EH1256-01 Ethernet Slip Ring

Through hole slip ring also called hollow slip ring with centre hole,it could be applied to any devices where requires to transmit power and signals when need 360° roating.

Senring EH1256-01 series gigabit Ethernet slip ring is an integral precision conductive slip ring that can rotate 360 degrees to transmit a single channel of gigabit Ethernet signal. The slip ring has a hole diameter of 12.7mm and an outer diameter of 56mm. It can mix transmit 1-22 channels of 2-20A current and mix with other signals such as USB and HDMI. Compared to similar products on the market, it has the advantages of stable transmission, no packet loss, no code error, low return loss, and low insertion loss.

Features of EH1256-01 Ethernet Slip Ring

1. With RJ45 connectors(Ethernet slip ring also known as RJ45 slip ring )

2. Standard Ethernet wires connection

3. Max 8channels Ethernet in one slip ring

4. Can combine with power or pneumatic/hydraulic slip ring

5. Tansmit 10M/100M/1000M Base T Ethernet

6. No packet loss,no string code ,low return loss ,low insertion loss

7. Contact materials: percious metal+gold plating which ensures abrasion resistant and anti-Oxidant for long working life

Part no. description

eh1256-01 series EH1256-01 Series Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring (1 Channel Gigabit Ethernet+0~22circuits Power/Signal) slip ring description

Drawing of EH1256-01 Ethernet Slip Ring

Hollow Gigabit Ethernet Slip Ring

Technical Specification of EH1256-01 Ethernet Slip Ring

Ethernet1 channels 100M/1000M baseT
Mechanical Data
working liferefer to slip ring grade table
Rotating speedrefer to slip ring grade table
working temp-30℃&sim;80℃
work humidity0&sim;85% RH
contact materialrefer to slip ring grade table
housing materialaluminum alloy
torque0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6 circuits
Electrical Data
voltage range0&sim;440VAC/VDC0&sim;440VAC/VDC
insulation resistance&ge;1000M&Omega;/500VDC&ge;1000M&Omega;/500VDC
lead wire specAWG17# Silver-plated teflon wireAWG22# Silver-plated teflon wire
lead wire lengthstandard 300mm(can be customized)
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical noise< 0.01&Omega;
Electrical Noise<10 &Omega;
CE certificateyes
Mechanical vibrationMIL-STD-810E
MaterialRoHS compliant

Standard model list

Modelpower/signal circuits no.Ethernet channels no.length L(mm)

EH1256-01  Ethernet Slip Ring Grade Table

Grade codeMax rotating speedWorking LifeContact Material
C(Standard)250RPM20 millions revolutionsprecious metal
D(Industrical)600RPM80 millions revolutionsgold-gold

SenRing general slip ring models are applied in many applications and equipments, provide system solutions for worldwide.

It involves wind power, controller, and industrial turntable, robot, engineering machinery, CCTV video mornitoring, medical equipment, military radar and so on...

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