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2 Circuits 10A USB Slip Ring Power Supply For HDMI

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    CE, ISO9001

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USB Cable:

2 Channels USB2.0



Hole Size:


Working Temp.:


Work Humidity:

0∼85% RH

Housing Material:

Aluminum Alloy

  • Product Description

2 Circuits 10A USB 2.0 Slip Ring For HD-MI With Power Supply Slipring

Description of UH3899-02 USB Slip Ring

SenRing UH3899-02 series 3-channel USB rotary joint can transmit 3 channels of USB2.0 signal through 360-degree rotation, and can mix transmit 1-34 channels of power/current/signal, and can stably transmit IEEE1394 and various USB signals. The UH3899-02 series 2-channel USB slip ring has advantages such as stable signal transmission, no packet loss, no code, small return loss, and small insertion loss. The slip ring has a hole diameter of 38.1mm and can be used for 360-degree rotation devices with a rotating shaft diameter smaller than 38.1mm.

Features of UH3899-02 USB Slip Ring

1. Standard USB male or female connector, can be customized;

2. Can stable transmit 3 channels USB2.0 signal;

3. Can be combined to transmit 1~34 circuits power/signal;

4. Hole size 38.1mm, OD 99mm;

5. Can be combined to transmit power and various signals of IEEE1394,Ethernet,USB2.0,etc.

6. Can be combined to work with power and hydraulic/pneumaic rotary unions;

Technical Specification of UH3899-02 USB Slip Ring

USB cable2 channels USB2.0
BER(bit-error rate)10E-11
Mechanical Data
working lifeSenRing Slip Rings Grade Table
Rotating speed150RPM
working temp.-30℃∼80℃
work humidity0∼85% RH
contact materialrefer to slip ring grade table
housing materialaluminum alloy
torque0.1N.m;+0.03N.m/6 circuits
connectorUSB 2.0 male ( female optional)
insertion loss≤2db
Electrical Data
voltage range0∼440VAC/VDC0∼440VAC/VDC
insulation resistance≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
lead wire spec.AWG17# Silver-plated teflonAWG22# Silver-plated teflon
lead wire lengthstandard 300mm(can be customized)
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical noise< 0.01&Omega;
CE certificateYes
materialRoHS certificate

Part no. description

uh3899-02 series UH3899-02 Series USB2.0 Signal Slip Ring slip ring description

Drawing of UH3899-02 USB Slip Ring

Slip Ring slip ring Drawing_capsule slip ring generator

Standard model list

Modelpower/signal circuits no.USB channels no.

UH3899-02 USB Slip Ring Grade Table

Grade codeMax rotating speedworking lifecontact material
C: standard400RPM20 millionsprecious metal
D: industrical800RPM60 millions


1. What technical data should be provided for our customized slip ring model.
A: If you want to costomize the special slip ring model, you need provide details as below:
a. Operatring speed(RPM)
b. The type of installation
c. Outline size
d. Channels(the No. of single wire besides cable)
e. Rated voltage & current for power rings and signal rings
f. The signal type and related parameters(very important)
g. Operating temperature h.IP(sealing requirements)

2. How long is your production lead time?
A: It needs 7 to 15 days for standard products, 10 to 20 days for simple customized products, 15 to 40 days for complex customized porducts.

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