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High Frequency Rotary Joint

HD-SDI High Frequency Rotary Joint Slip Ring Transmitter For Vedio Signal

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    CE, ISO9001

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1080P HD-SDI Slip Ring





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1 Channel HD-SDI Slip Ring Solid With Flange Can Stable Transmit 1080P HD Vedio Signal

Description of O056 HD-SDI Slip Ring

Adopting American-imported components and high-frequency signal processing technology, it supports 1 group of DC~3GHz high-rate data for transmitting 1080P HD signals (downward compatible), and can mix and transmit 0~48 channels of power current/signal. Compared with similar products on the market, it has the advantages of stable transmission of high-definition video signals without delay, frame loss, attenuation, etc.

Features of O056 HD-SDI Slip Ring

1. It supports DC~3GHz and can stably transmit 1080P HD video signals.

2. It is solid and without holes, and is installed with flanges.

3. It can mix and transmit 1-48 channels of power current or signals.

4. It adopts the American military surface treatment process and ultra-hard gold plating process to ensure extremely low resistance fluctuations and ultra-long life.

5. Typical applications include security monitoring (HD cameras), microwave antennas, WiFi antennas, etc.

Technical Specification of O056 HD-SDI Slip Ring

Frequency rateDC-3GHz
Insertion loss fluctuation+/-0.05dB
Mechanical Data
working life10millions for ref(depends on working conditions)
Rotating speed250RPM continously
working temp.-30℃∼80℃
work humidity0∼85% RH
contact materialrefer to slip ring grade table
housing materialaluminum alloy
torque0.1N.m+(0.03N.m/6 circuits)
Insertion loss0.65dB/1GHz Max
return loss-18 dB/1GHz Max
Max speed50RPM
VSWR fluctuation+/-0.05
StyleBNC/F (Options)
Electrical Data
voltage range0∼440VAC/VDC0∼440VAC/VDC
insulation resistance≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
lead wire spec.AWG17# Silver-plated teflonAWG26# Silver-plated teflon
lead wire lengthstandard 250mm(can be customized)
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical noise< 0.01&Omega;
Electrical Noise< 10m&Omega;
CE certificateYes
materialRoHS compliant

Part no. description

o056 series O056 Series HD-SDI(1080P) HD Slip Ring slip ring description


o056 series O056 Series HD-SDI(1080P) HD Slip Ring slip ring Drawing

Standard model list

ModelHD-SDI10Asignal/5Alengtd (mm)
O056-02S1 channel0226.8
O056-02101 channel2026.8
O056-03S1 channel0329.6
O056-03101 channel3029.6
O056-06S1 channel0638
O056-0210-04S1 channel2438
O056-0410-02S1 channel4238
O056-06101 channel6038
O056-12S1 channel01254.8
O056-0210-10S1 channel21054.8
O056-0310-09S1 channel3954.8
O056-0610-06S1 channel6654.8
O056-0810-04S1 channel8454.8
O056-1010-02S1 channel10254.8
O056-12101 channel12054.8
O056-18S1 channel01871.5
O056-0210-16S1 channel21671.5
O056-0410-14S1 channel41471.5
O056-0610-12S1 channel61271.5
O056-0810-10S1 channel81071.5
O056-1010-08S1 channel10871.5
O056-1210-06S1 channel12671.5
O056-1410-04S1 channel14471.5
O056-1610-02S1 channel16271.5
O056-24S1 channel02488.4
O056-0410-20S1 channel42088.4
O056-0610-18S1 channel61888.4
O056-1210-12S1 channel121288.4
O056-1810-06S1 channel18688.4
O056-24101 channel24088.4
O056-30S1 channel030105.2
O056-0210-28S1 channel228105.2
O056-0410-26S1 channel426105.2
O056-0610-24S1 channel624105.2
O056-36S1 channel036122
O056-0410-32S1 channel432122
O056-0610-30S1 channel630122
O056-42S1 channel042138.8
O056-0410-38S1 channel438138.8
O056-48S1 channel048155.6

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