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Lightweight High Temperature High Speed Slip Ring 38.1mm Bore 12 Circuits 5A

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    CE, ISO9001

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Lead Wire Spec.:

AWG22# Silver-plated Teflon

Voltage Range:


Rotating Speed:


Housing Material:

Aluminum Alloy


0.05N.m;+0.02N.m/6 Circuits

Insulation Resistance:


  • Product Description

Max 5000RPM High Speed Slip Ring With Bore Size 38.1mm 12 Circuits 5A

Description of G038 High Speed slip ring

SenRing G038-12 series high-speed slip ring has a maximum speed of 5000 rpm and belongs to the hollow shaft high-speed slip ring. The G038-12 series high-speed collector ring has a through-hole diameter of 38.1mm and an outer diameter of 99mm. It has a compact structure, light weight, high protection level, and uses special high-temperature alloys and composite materials to ensure that the slip ring can rotate at high speeds for a long time without the need for cooling. It is mainly used in devices such as laboratories and various testing equipment that require high-speed signal transmission through conductive and data/control signal transmission.

Features of G038 High Speed slip ring

1. Max speed 5000RPM;

2. Stablely transmit 12 circuit 5A signal or power;

3. Hole size 38.1mm,OD 99mm;

4. Adopt high temperature alloys and composites materials,no need cooling;

5. Integrated structure, easy installation,high concentricity;


lab and any testing equipments need to transmit signal in high speed rotating

Technical Specification of G038 series slip ring
Mechanical Data
Rotating speed5000RPM
working temp.-30℃∼80℃
work humidity0~85%RH
contact materialSENRING Slip Rings Grade Table
housing materialaluminum alloy
torque0.05N.m;+0.02N.m/6 circuits
Electrical Data
voltage range0∼440VAC/VDC
insulation resistance≥1000MΩ/500VDC
lead wire spec.AWG22# Silver-plated teflon
lead wire lengthstandard 300mm(can be customized)
Dielectric Strength800VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical noise< 0.01&Omega;
IP gradeIP51

Drawing of G038 High Speed slip ring

g038-12 series G038-12 Series Super High Speed Slip Ring(Max Speed 5000RPM) slip ring Drawing


  1. Circuit number & Current
  2. Working speed & temperature
  3. Protection grade & materials
  4. Combined signal type

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