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What is the function of the rotary union in hydraulics?

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A rotary union, also known as a rotary joint or swivel joint, is a mechanical device used in hydraulics to transfer fluid (typically hydraulic fluid) from a stationary source to a rotating component, such as a shaft or a cylinder. Its main function is to allow continuous fluid flow between the stationary and rotating parts of a hydraulic system while accommodating the rotational motion.

In hydraulic systems, rotary unions are commonly used in applications where there is a need for fluid power to be transmitted to rotating machinery or components. For example, they are used in hydraulic machinery like rotary actuators, rotary index tables, rotating cylinders, and rotary drilling equipment.

rotary union

The rotary union typically consists of a stationary housing and a rotating shaft or spindle, with seals and bearings to prevent leakage and ensure smooth rotation. As the shaft rotates, the fluid is transferred through channels or passages within the rotary union, allowing hydraulic power to be transmitted to the rotating component without interruption.

Overall, the function of a rotary union in hydraulics is to enable the transmission of hydraulic fluid between stationary and rotating parts of a system, facilitating the operation of hydraulic machinery with rotating components.

The rotary union, also known as a swivel joint or rotary coupling, plays a crucial role in hydraulic systems. Its main function is to allow for continuous rotation of a rotating component while simultaneously transferring fluid (usually hydraulic oil) between a stationary component and the rotating one.

In many applications, it's essential to maintain a continuous flow of fluid to a rotating component. The rotary union achieves this by connecting the stationary fluid supply lines to the rotating shaft or cylinder through a series of seals and passageways. As the shaft rotates, the rotary union's internal seals and passageways ensure that the fluid connection remains uninterrupted.

hydraulic rotary unions

Some key benefits and features of rotary unions in hydraulics include:

Continuous fluid flow: The rotary union allows for continuous fluid flow to a rotating component, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

High-pressure capabilities: Many rotary unions are designed to handle high-pressure hydraulic systems, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Leak-free operation: The seals and passageways within the rotary union are designed to prevent fluid leaks, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Versatility: Rotary unions are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and materials to suit different applications and environments.

Long service life: With proper maintenance and care, rotary unions can provide reliable service for extended periods of time.

In summary, the rotary union enables continuous fluid flow between stationary and rotating components in hydraulic systems, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. Its high-pressure capabilities, leak-free operation, versatility, and long service life make it an essential component in many hydraulic applications.

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