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Senring owes series of processing machines more than 20sets : injection machine, CNC, lathe, miller.... Senring could not only provide standard industrial slip rings, but also customize different slip rings according to customer’s requirements :OD from 6.5mm to 4 meters, circuits from 1 to 600, current from milliamp to 800 Amp, voltage from millivolt to 10, 000volt, rotating speed from 0 rpm to 12000rpm, and from electrical slip ring to fiber optic rotary joint.......

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Center through bore size: besides of standard size, can be customized

Circuits:1~600 circuits ( optional)
OD: 6.5mm ~4 meters (can be customized )
Current: milliamp ~ 800 Amp
Voltage: milliamp ~10, 000volt
Rotating speed: 0~12000rpm
Signal Type: besides of power, can be combined to transmit VGA, HDMI, high frequency, fiber, Ethernet, USB, Profibus.......
Media Type:can be combined to transmit air, gas, water, oil ....(one channel or more channels)

Senring slip ring could be customized according to above different Spec requirements,

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ADDRESS:No.36 Xingda Road, Yanchuan Community, Yanluo Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

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